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So you've decided you would like to book us to ROCK at your event? Take a look at the services we offer below.
To enquire about prices of these packages, click the BOOK button and state which package you are interested in. 

Our Packages!

Committed 2 Rock Choir - For any charity, festival or event!


Any of Committed2Rock's choirs will bring the fun and rock into your event and leave your guests or audience members singing and dancing.


The choir perform at many events from different charities, festivals and parties! For more information on what we can do for your event, just email us and we will be sure to find a package to cater to your needs!





Committed 2 Rock's Corporate Pop up Choir!


Committed2Rock's team breeze into your corporate event and leave your clients singing like they never have before....

Package includes breathing and voice warm up techniques followed by a fun and innovative way of teaching the melody and harmonies to well known classic rock and pop tunes.


Using team play and training the participants with our fun and motivational singing method, we then add movement, and the end results are dynamic, guaranteed to leave your group wanting more! 


We make rock stars out of the most unlikely candidates!



90 mins

Committed 2 Rock's Pop up School Choirs!

During the session our team of singers start by demonstrating breathing and voice warm up techniques, explain how the voice is formed and then the fun begins!! We teach well known rock and pop classics to your pupils by rote adding harmonies and movement. Our conductor uses kinaesthetic methods to help the pupils recall song lyrics.


The students leave having an increased grasp of the importance of team play and how singing can bring balance and harmony into their busy lives...we often discover amazing singers that have never had the courage to sing alone but will belt out a tune with our motivational team.

90 mins

Choir in Cumbria
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