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Who Are We?

 Cumbria’s Committed 2 Rock  was formed back in 2008, beginning in Whitehaven, by Cathy Marcangelo.



Committed 2 Rock sing all styles of contemporary rock and pop songs. The choir is especially for people who don’t read music, thus developing a good ear for Cath’s arrangements which she teaches by rote, layering up the harmonies.


Committed 2 Rock choir has taken off in a big way, performing and raising funds for charities. Notable appearances include the world renowned Maryport Blues festival, Paint The Town Red, and sell-out concerts at Keswick Theatre by the Lake, and Rosehill Theatre.




Since beginning the Committed 2 Rock choir, the success has been renowned and has lead to the development of two more choirs. Cathy now leads three Cumbrian-based choirs, in Whitehaven, Keswick, and Penrith.



When combined the choirs produce a massive sound with over 300 members! 


With the continuing growth of the choirs and their success, the choirs potential and possibilites are endless and could continue to expand! 


Currently, these are the Committed 2 Rock choirs:






– Meet every Monday evening Hensingham Rugby Club, Whitehaven. 7.30pm
– Meet every Tuesday evening Keswick Conservative club,
14, Penrith Road, Keswick 7.30pm
- Meet every Wednesday at Newbiggin Village Hall, Newbiggin 7pm




Choir organisation and administration is managed by the Choirs Co ordinator,
Jacqui Knowles 


For further information on any aspect of the Committed 2 Rock Choirs, please contact

Choir in Cumbria
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