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Commit to Rock with us!

Thinking of joining us?


We meet on a weekly basis to get together and have a good sing song!

We do participate in events primarily to raise money for local and national charities. It is not compulsory however that you attend the events so if you just want a sing song then come along! There is no pressure to attend every week as we are aware that shift patterns change and holidays are a must. All we ask is that you enjoy yourself.


Our membership is paid for on a pay-as-you-go basis - No paying in advance for terms etc. So don't worry if you can't attend every session! 



It's only £6 per session! So, why not try out a session with us? Take a look as our locations in the menu above to find your nearest Committed 2 Rock!




For a lot of members, Committed 2 Rock Choir has had a huge impact on their lives. Here are a few snippets of what the choir means to us.

"The best thing I have ever done!. I retired after a long career in teaching and was a bit lost. I joined C2RC and life became full of colour, fun,friendship,music,song and laughter. Thank you Cathy and co."
- Jenny P

"I have met the most amazing people who I am privileged to love and count as my best friends."


- Tracey C

I literally knew NO ONE when I moved up here and I'm really grateful someone told me about the choir. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly . I even got lifts from kind people until I passed my driving test! Cath is an amazing singer and teacher and I feel blessed to be part of such a great group of people. Wherever I end up living, I'll never forget my time with the C2R choir


- Endee U

I joined the choir on my birthday back in feb 2011 as I needed a huge "lift" in my life. Due to going through the roughest time ... which messed with my head and basically kept me homebound for a couple of months, I needed something in my life that would really lift my spirits and drag me out of the lowest place I have ever been. Finding the choir really was the biggest and best thing ever for me, I was smiling like a cheshire cat the whole time I first attended and it was the medicine I needed. Totally gutted when I miss practice when am on late shifts at work but have committed myself to taking 4 late mondays off for the keswick practices.

- Jan G-P

Choir in Cumbria
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