"The best thing I have ever done!. I retired after a long career in teaching and was a bit lost. I joined C2RC and life became full of colour, fun,friendship,music,song and laughter. Thank you Cathy and co."


- Jenny P

I literally knew NO ONE when I moved up here and I'm really grateful someone told me about the choir. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly . I even got lifts from kind people until I passed my driving test! Cath is an amazing singer and teacher and I feel blessed to be part of such a great group of people. Wherever I end up living, I'll never forget my time with the C2R choir


- Endee U

"I have met the most amazing people who I am privileged to love and count as my best friends."


- Tracey C

I joined the choir on my birthday back in feb 2011 as I needed a huge "lift" in my life. Due to going through the roughest time ... which messed with my head and basically kept me homebound for a couple of months, I needed something in my life that would really lift my spirits and drag me out of the lowest place I have ever been. Finding the choir really was the biggest and best thing ever for me, I was smiling like a cheshire cat the whole time I first attended and it was the medicine I needed. Totally gutted when I miss practice when am on late shifts at work but have committed myself to taking 4 late mondays off for the keswick practices.

- Jan G-P